SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the term used to rank how well your website with show up on the first page of a Google search when people are looking for your business, products or services you sell.

Organic SEO means that you do not pay Google to put you on the front page of its search results, when someone does a Google search for your industry.

SEO is not something you can ‘switch on’ and leave. It is a system that must be tweaked every week to maintain a good standing on Google Search Results, and to let your customers know new up and coming events and promotions. It is the first line of contact that you will have with your new and potential visitors, and it will represent your business before they walk in your door.


Following is a standard ongoing weekly SEO campaign:

1. Thirty minutes weekly catch-ups to go over traffic information for the past week. This will be completed via telephone or Zoom meetings. Please let us know your availability for these meetings.

2. One hour update or creation of new campaign landing page. Once the half hour meeting has concluded, the results of those meetings and the steps that need to be take to move forward will be completed within 24 hours.

3. Keyword checks – Every week we check to see what words potential customers are using to find your business. We add or remove words to google search accordingly.

4. Backlink checks – Google checks over your website often, and looks for changes and updates. If it find a link to another site, Google check the other site to see if there is a link back to your site. If this is the case, Google will see your site as more trustworthy and increase your optimisation and give you a higher Google ranking on search results.

5. Suggested campaigns from a professional digital marketer – You will have the weekly campaigns and suggested marketing strategies of a Digital Marketing Professional.

6. Removal of Toxic back links – occasionally website and Facebook visitors can leave feedback. This is a good thing, as it helps you know what your visitors are thinking and make improvements accordingly. However, if the feedback or review lists a website link, and that link takes visitors to a site that Google does not trust, this can stop Google recommending visitors to your site, dropping your SEO ranking. We check the site weekly and remove these Tocix back links.

7. Google my business setup and ongoing updates. Setting up Google My Business (GMB) correctly is the basis of any good organic SEO. We set up your GMB and keep it running correctly. We also link your website to GMB


This campaign has an ongoing fee of $97* per week plus GST
*There is an additional one-off setup fee of $600 plus GST

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